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About Us

Lucky Party Bus is about providing the ultimate party experience.  We take pride in the party buses we put on the road, and the service we provide.  We wouldn’t put a bus on the road we wouldn’t ride in ourselves.  We have one of the newest fleet of vehicles in the state and perform routine preventative maintenance to ensure your party bus is in tip-top shape when it arrives to your party.  We welcome any customers to come take a look at our party buses before they book.  We’ll never post a beautiful image of a bus and send out a different looking bus.

All of our buses offer air-conditioned comfort.  Whether it’s one of our limo-buses or one of our converted transit buses, we wanted our customers to be comfortable during the warmer temps.

All of our buses feature intelligent LED lighting.  This might not seam like something to consider when booking transportation for your party, however, the lighting is what helps set the mood.  Every party on dark dance floor?  We didn’t think so.

Along with lighting, sound is important when it comes to having a party.  We put meticulous care in selecting our audio systems for all of our buses.  If you love great sound, you’ll love our buses.

Our promise to you is to always be on time, and if we’re not on time, your trip is free.  No other party bus company in the state is willing to offer our on-time promise.  We’ve been in the party bus industry for over ten years now (just under a different name).

We’d love to take care of you, and your party!

Sabrina & Steve Casteel
Lucky Party Bus